Monday, October 12, 2009

Home At Last

Throughout the years, as I have been painting professionally, I have met lots of wonderful people who had rescued their cat companions from shelters. Sometimes they commissioned me to paint them and often they just sent me photos. [While folks often bring their dogs to art shows and art markets to meet me, it doesn't work so well with cats]
"Home At Last" is a composite of five cats who each have their own stories of perilous beginnings, but have now found their furever families and homes. I put them all together in one composition as a tribute to all of the lucky ones who do get adopted.
Linus-the orange tabby, was homeless and rescued after hurricane Katrina. His family went to the shelter in South Louisiana to retrieve their neighbor's dog, but when they saw Linus he went home with them as well. Saki-the Siamese, found his pampered self dumped at a shelter when his elderly owner died and no family member wanted him. He was horrified to say the least and made his protests known to all within the sound of his very loud voice. His adoption prospects dwindled as no one wanted to adopt one very loud cat. Then, one day in walked a man, who after many years of playing music in a rock band, was at the least partially deaf. It was love at first sight for both of them! He loves Saki's voice-he says Saki is singing to him. Beau-the Persian, was doomed to be a stud in a kitty mill but he didn't want to perform, so he was unloaded to a shelter in Texas. Everyone loved him because he was so beautiful, but Persians are very high maintenence so it took a while for his new family to find him. Now he has monthly salon appointments, the finest foods and all of the love in the world. Cleo-the Calico, was picked up as a stray, pregnant and obviously mistreated. She was taken to the city pound in South Alabama where she had two beautiful kittens. In eight weeks the kittens quickly found good homes, but Cleo was very thin and not pretty at all. One of the workers at the shelter mentioned Cleo's story to her aunt who had recently lost her 18 year old cat. She said she would take Cleo, feed her healthy foods so maybe if she looked healthier, she would be adopted. Can you guess the end of Cleo's story? That's right, she and the shelter worker's aunt have been very happy together for five years now. Duchess-the Gray Tabby, did not begin her life as Duchess. She was taken from a home in a very abusive situation. The investigating officer was so horrified at the situation,as soon as she could get permission from the court, she adopted Duchess. She has made it her mission to make up to Duchess for all of the bad things and they are truly happy together. They are a pair of very strong ladies.
[Please note, all of these cats were spayed or neutered before they could be adopted]

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saving Dogs in Afghanistan

[Photo from The Daily]
In 2006, a group of Royal Marines stationed in Nowzad, Afghanistan befriended some stray dogs that kept them company during very difficult times. When the Marines left they were concerned about the fate of the dogs and got the word out in England. A group of volunteers stepped forward to help the dogs and soon they were working to help dogs all over Afghanistan.
Dogs in that country don't have a pleasant life, much like the people themselves. Many of the British soldiers have become attached to the dogs and Nowzad Dogs works to reunite them at home in England. Pictured is Corporal Ashley Phillips, a medic with the Royal Army Medical Corps and his anipal Smudge.
Corporal Phillips was on his third tour of duty in Afghanistan when he met Smudge. He enlisted the help of Nowzad Dogs when he returned to England to help him get Smudge to the UK. It took a year with 6 months required quarantine for Smudge and they were recently reunited in a joyous reunion.
This weekend, Corporal Phillips will participate in a 30 mile bike ride and a 5 mile run to raise money to support Nowzad Dogs.
As word of the rescues good deeds reach the people of the United KIngdom, more fundraisers step forward.Ben the Rotti [pictured in army helmet] has raised over $1200!!! Visit to help the dogs of Afghanistan

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Donating 20% of Sales From Etsy Thru September 30

From today through September 30, I will be donating 20% of all my sales on Etsy to Kat5 Rescue. They are a nonprofit 501[c]3 group devoted to rescuing animals from natural and manmade disasters. They are a wonderful group of truly dedicated volunteers who also, when funds permit, work with the animal railway in rescuing pets from kill shelters. They pay for vet bills and meds then transfer the animal to a breed rescue or a no-kill shelter. This is a group I have supported in the past and are well worth any help we can give them!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Missy Bryant is one of the most devoted animal lovers I know!
She has loved animals all her life and she has been devoted to the pets she loved from an early age. She loved fish, as well, so she went to work in a store selling fish tanks and fish of all kinds. She then discovered she had a real talent for creating the most exquisite undersea habitats-a joy for the fish as well as their human observers. Soon she was setting up fish tanks in many commercial businesses and frequently maintaining them.
One of the fish tanks she set up was in the office of a highly respected veterinarian. The great job Missy was doing with the fish soon caught the eye of the vet and he offered her a job! Before she knew it she was working on the front lines of animal care, assisting in emergencies and surgeries in a very busy clinic.
Now Missy is studying to become a Certified Vet Technician and helping animals everyday. Among the many reasons she is so wonderfully qualified for this iimportant job is that she is equally talented in dealing with people. As we all know, having a sick pet is heartrending for the folks who love them. Missy has enough compassion and love in her heart to assist the doctors and to support the clients with equal enthusiasm!
Pictured, you see one of her beautiful ferrets. She has a beautiful German Shepherd she rescued, as well as two truly elegant cats she rescued as well.
Missy Bryant is an excellent example of someone who is following her passion. Thanks Missy, for helping make the world a better place! [Photo by Missy Bryant]

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Meeting people who love animals is always an adventure. They each have wonderful stories to tell about dogs, cats, or wildlife they have met along the way.
In a few, short months in the whirl of social media I have met lots of wonderful people, all advocates of animal welfare. Each person is helping in their own sweet way to make the world a better place for one precious pet to helping thousands of animals after a disaster.
One thing I learned very quickly while researching the internet is there are many sad, horrific stories about animals. I found myself feeling constantly broken-hearted and overwhelmed. Since I specialize in painting images to make you smile,this was definitely not a good thing. So I made it a mission to seek out positive stories that I will post here for all of us.
Sometimes we just need a little reminder that there is great good in the world and we can rest our weary minds by dwelling on that good, if only for a little while. Then we can go forward, refueled, to right wrongs and to make the world a better place.