Saturday, September 19, 2009

Missy Bryant is one of the most devoted animal lovers I know!
She has loved animals all her life and she has been devoted to the pets she loved from an early age. She loved fish, as well, so she went to work in a store selling fish tanks and fish of all kinds. She then discovered she had a real talent for creating the most exquisite undersea habitats-a joy for the fish as well as their human observers. Soon she was setting up fish tanks in many commercial businesses and frequently maintaining them.
One of the fish tanks she set up was in the office of a highly respected veterinarian. The great job Missy was doing with the fish soon caught the eye of the vet and he offered her a job! Before she knew it she was working on the front lines of animal care, assisting in emergencies and surgeries in a very busy clinic.
Now Missy is studying to become a Certified Vet Technician and helping animals everyday. Among the many reasons she is so wonderfully qualified for this iimportant job is that she is equally talented in dealing with people. As we all know, having a sick pet is heartrending for the folks who love them. Missy has enough compassion and love in her heart to assist the doctors and to support the clients with equal enthusiasm!
Pictured, you see one of her beautiful ferrets. She has a beautiful German Shepherd she rescued, as well as two truly elegant cats she rescued as well.
Missy Bryant is an excellent example of someone who is following her passion. Thanks Missy, for helping make the world a better place! [Photo by Missy Bryant]

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  1. What a neat photo of this ferret. Love the pink flowers against the white fur. Nice story...very inspiring.