Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saving Dogs in Afghanistan

[Photo from The Daily]
In 2006, a group of Royal Marines stationed in Nowzad, Afghanistan befriended some stray dogs that kept them company during very difficult times. When the Marines left they were concerned about the fate of the dogs and got the word out in England. A group of volunteers stepped forward to help the dogs and soon they were working to help dogs all over Afghanistan.
Dogs in that country don't have a pleasant life, much like the people themselves. Many of the British soldiers have become attached to the dogs and Nowzad Dogs works to reunite them at home in England. Pictured is Corporal Ashley Phillips, a medic with the Royal Army Medical Corps and his anipal Smudge.
Corporal Phillips was on his third tour of duty in Afghanistan when he met Smudge. He enlisted the help of Nowzad Dogs when he returned to England to help him get Smudge to the UK. It took a year with 6 months required quarantine for Smudge and they were recently reunited in a joyous reunion.
This weekend, Corporal Phillips will participate in a 30 mile bike ride and a 5 mile run to raise money to support Nowzad Dogs.
As word of the rescues good deeds reach the people of the United KIngdom, more fundraisers step forward.Ben the Rotti [pictured in army helmet] has raised over $1200!!! Visit to help the dogs of Afghanistan

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